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Apartmán 1

_MG_4227.jpg _MG_4229.jpg _MG_4232.jpg _MG_4236.jpg _MG_4224.jpg 222F672D-EDCB-4D6A-A872-04A5AD97C0E1.jpeg

Apartmán 2

_MG_4238.jpg _MG_4240.jpg _MG_4245.jpg _MG_4249.jpg _MG_4250.jpg _MG_4254.jpg _MG_4256.jpg _MG_4259.jpg

Apartmán 3

_MG_4264.jpg _MG_4266.jpg _MG_4269.jpg _MG_4282.jpg _MG_4271.jpg _MG_4275.jpg

Apartmán 4

_MG_4283.jpg _MG_4288.jpg _MG_4289.jpg _MG_4294.jpg _MG_4256.jpg

Apartmán 5

_MG_4304.jpg _MG_4307.jpg _MG_4309.jpg _MG_4317.jpg

Gallery of exterior, wine cellar...


_MG_4194.jpg _MG_4197.jpg _MG_4224.jpg _MG_4226.jpg wallbox.jpg wallbox_parking.jpeg

Vinný sklep

_MG_4203.jpg _MG_4207.jpg _MG_4218.jpg _MG_4209.jpg

Construction of Residence...

Rekonstrukce objektu v obrazech:

IMG_1899.JPG IMG_1925.JPG IMG_1941.JPG IMG_1932.JPG IMG_2021.JPG IMG_2195.JPG IMG_2231.JPG IMG_2549.JPG IMG_2209.JPG IMG_2215.JPG IMG_2184.JPG IMG_2540.JPG IMG_2617.JPG IMG_2695.JPG IMG_2649.JPG IMG_2769.JPG IMG_2835.JPG IMG_2724.JPG IMG_2904.JPG IMG_3054.JPG

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For us this was a hidden treasure. Me and my wife travel a lot, but we never felt so welcome elsewhere. The owners are very kind and friendly people, so we fellt almost like visiting good friends. The guesthouse is newly built with modern furniture, cleaned to perfection every day. However if you are traveling with noisy kids, don't like wine or want just a place to sleep, please stay away, there are better places to suit your needs.